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Our mission is to provide the finest quality visual display mannequins, dress forms, female & male mannequin, hanging forms, headless mannequin, child, sport & ethnic mannequins at the lowest possible prices. We are confident that you will be delighted with the quality and the value built into our entire range of mannequins. Our Realistic Mannequins create lasting impressions and displays that stimulate sales.

You will save money through our discount offerings of display mannequins, realistic mannequins, child mannequins, dress forms, ethnic mannequins, female mannequins, hanging forms, male mannequins, mannequin costumers, mannequin hands, mannequin heads, mannequin legs, mannequin neck blocks, mannequin torso forms, paper maiche dress forms, plus size mannequins, size 4 female mannequins, size 6 female mannequines, sports mannequins, torso forms, translucent mannequins and more wholesale mannequins.

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Mannequins are central to your store display. They bring clothing to life, showing people just how good the clothes will look on them, too. They encourage customers to buy whole ensembles instead of individual pieces. By putting together outfits for the mannequins to wear, you help people see the different combinations your products can offer them. Without mannequins, your products would merely hide on your shelves. With them, your displays come alive.

We offer mannequins to fit every budget, from upscale boutiques and department stores to discount warehouses. With the proper care, our mannequins are so durable they'll last a lifetime. You can choose from full body mannequins in various poses and ethnicities, sports figures or simply purchase headless mannequins, torsos or hip forms. You have a choice of mannequins with and without makeup and hair, in male, female, and child models.

Partial Body Mannequins

Display jewelry and wigs on our necklace forms and heads. For gloves, there are hand mannequins, and foot mannequins for hosiery. Grouping several mannequins together for a window scene or multiple points of sale makes a greater impression on shoppers. We also offer mannequin alternatives for a different look. Try the alternatives when you want your display to have a contemporary feel to it.

For all your mannequin and retail supply needs, look to Let us be your wholesaler for fixtures, displays, mannequins, and accessories to aid your retail merchandising. Contact us today to see how we can fill your store with necessary supplies at a discount price.


Our mission is to provide the finest quality visual displays at the lowest possible prices. Our unique realistic mannequins help you create distinguished window displays and enhance interior displays.

Display Mannequin

Choose from our wide selection of display mannequins such as full and half round mannequin torso forms, paper maiche dress forms, hanging forms, dress forms, adjustable dress forms and many other types of torso forms. Our display mannequinsincorporate today's hottest fashions to create spectacular impressions on your customers.

Mannequin Head, Leg, & Hand

Our wide selection of wholesale mannequin heads, mannequin hands, mannequin legs and realistic system display mannequin components give you a selection of display accessories.

Male & Female Mannequin

Our realistic mannequins include female mannequins, male mannequins, child mannequins, mannequin torso forms, plus size mannequins, and ethnic mannequins.

Wholesale Mannequins

Our wide selection of wholesale mannequins include realistic mannequins, female mannequins, male mannequins, sports mannequins, display mannequins, dress forms and plus size mannequins that meet your unique store display needs. Create a lasting impression that stimulates sales.

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